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Bevwood Basketball is back! An All-star line-up of former Crenshaw High/NBA stars will be in camp daily to work with all players. Don’t miss this one. Enjoy a week of great fun and learning.

At Bevwood Basketball Camp our drills, training and games are all designed to help you improve all aspects of your game including:·                       

  • Ball Handling

Learn how to protect the ball, set up plays, shake your defender, and drive to the hoop.

  • Passing

We’ll show you where to find assists and how to set up a play. Plus, we’ll show you how to reduce turnovers with smarter passes.

  • Offense with and Without the Ball

Do you know what to do when you have the ball and when you don’t? Here is where you will learn.

  • Shooting

Find your stroke or improve it during shooting clinics with the finest marksmen and shooting specialist in the NBA.

  • Rebounding

Find out how to claim your space under the boards and what to do once you get there.