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Thanks for your interest in the Bassett-Martin Tennis Camp at the BBSR. Even though our camp has stayed very popular, we still maintain the personal attention and supervision that has characterized our program when we first began 38 years ago. We feel that it is this emphasis on the individual development that distinguishes our camp. Many highly ranked national and sectional junior players have attended our camp as well as thousands of young boys and girls, just getting started playing the game of tennis.

Our goal for our 11th summer at the BBSR is for all campers to have a fantastic time and improve their tennis game. We believe the BBSR facilities and environment offers the perfect place to accomplish these goals. Our training program uses the same techniques that have been so successful with our UCLA tennis team. We stress conditioning and the mental approach to the game of tennis. I will be on court with all of our campers every day to help them improve and enjoy their time with us.

About Billy Martin

  •  Martin is the men’s head tennis coach at UCLA
  •  He was a college All-American.
  • Member of the Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame.
  • Won the French Open Mixed Doubles title in 1980
  •  His 2005 team won the NCAA championship.